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I'm Sexy And I Know It

Sexy night, college night, thursday night, girls night out, it's all the same. Get out have some fun with your friends and land your spot in front of my camera.  Enjoy this free gallery!

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Dilly! Dilly!

*Updated*  Added 19 more photos from the Funky Monk to this nights set.
When your out celebrating a friends birthday but you accidently lose them at some unknown point in the night but continue to pop them bottles without them like a true friend should, DIlly! Dilly! Not saying this happend but it could.  Enjoy tonights TOP 20.  AND a big "Happy Birthday" to just about everyone who was out that night.  For Real.

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Just Rosalie, Cuz Its Her Birthday Bash!

WOW!  Wow is all I can say, I took the night off (but still had a camera attached to the hand) to celebrate birthdays with the girls, and i'm still tryign to recoop from a Thursday night out, for realz.  No doubt the Funky Monk was the perfect host and spot to do just that- reserve your booth though and you'll be good to go. 

Free Gallery!
Just sign in/register and you're good to go.


College Students Night Out

Set your inner college student spirit free-  grab some friends, pop some bottles, share a fishbowl, dance recklessly, celebrate a birthday, and come back for more on the weekend. Thursday nights catch me snapping all of your crazy sexy faces and posting them all here so you can relive your night out with friends, remember while the TOP20 are public, only VIP Member's gain access to all our exclusive raw photos to view and download.  Take a peep at tonights TOP20 pics of the night!!

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Ostermeyer Bday Bash

A big birthday bash and going away party for one of Hi Fi's own bartenders,  a very nervous night for Ty as his guests drinks were running low and dry early in the night, what almost became a receipe for disaster for such an occasion, in the mist of the fog and confetti filled room a big surprise by his parentals who pushed their way through the crowded dancefloor with bottle in hand escorted by the Hi Fi Dolls to join the celebration and saved the night.


Dj Phatal's 69th B-Day Celebration At Union Public House

A special night of official / unofficial photos at Union Public House on Campbell and River Rd. in Tucson Arizona for a birthday celebration with Dj Phatal and many more, join the madness and recap the awesomeness with all the sexy people that went down that night.   Union Public House is a definate 2 thumbs up by me because they host an entertaining night with cool people to meet.  (Check out our Facebook for our top pics of the night!- coming soon)
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