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Mellow Night Out

After a long Halloween weekend college night was a pretty mellow night, with a few exceptions. Enjoy the free snaps people because everyones on the top list.

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Halloween Weekend 2017

Photos up on a Hallo-weekend bash at Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails and across the street at the Funky Monk.  Starting off with Thursday night college night and ending on Saturday night. This gallery is a huge combination of all nights rolled out in one with over 8 pages of your photos.  So check out the latest and  this weekends "TOP 40" photos of the night!  Grab yourselves a VIP Membership to gain access to all the other exclusive photos to share with friends on social media. Enjoy!

Check it out!  Follow us at BARfriender.Official on Instagram and don't forget to tag us in your photos. Since there are over 350 photos in this gallery it might take a few moments to load on your devices.


College Students Night Out

Set your inner college student spirit free-  grab some friends, pop some bottles, share a fishbowl, dance recklessly, celebrate a birthday, and come back for more on the weekend. Thursday nights catch me snapping all of your crazy sexy faces and posting them all here so you can relive your night out with friends, remember while the TOP20 are public, only VIP Member's gain access to all our exclusive raw photos to view and download.  Take a peep at tonights TOP20 pics of the night!!

Check it out! Finally breaking into the whole IG thing, find us at #BARfriender.Official on 


Double Trouble But "Forgive And Forget"

But Guess who was out snapping pics at Hi Fi, this guy!  And there's plenty of snaps of all your sexy crunk faces on a Thursday night.  Great to be back with the Hi Fi Dolls and Crew, great to see everyone again.  Now take a peep at the latest pics.  Enjoy. If your not in the TOP20 try again next time, but all photos are available in the VIP area with memberships.

Note: Since there are over 100 photos in this gallery, it may take a few moments to fully load on your devices. 


Get The Weekend Started!

Jump on the C.L.I.T.T.  and make your way to Hi Fi in downtown Tucson.  Avoid the long lines and get in early, grab a few friends and get yourself some bottle service and kick back at your own table. Check out the latest TOP 20 photos of the night.  There's more! Grab a VIP Membership and gain an all access pass to view and download more exclusive photos.

Note: Since there are over 100 photos in this gallery, it may take a few moments to fully load on your devices. 


Bottles A Poppin

Thursday night at Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails unleashes the college night takeover, bring your ppls, friends, squad, team, gang, pack, herd,  tribe, pride, school, army, company, swarm, smack, horde or whatever you flock to over here- cause  bottles are cheap and the bubbly is oh- so- good! 

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