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Get Funky

A quick drive by to the Funky Monk for some high energy vibes with MGM on the sound, it was a great night out and some added surprises behind the FM bar. Check it out!

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Mellow Night Out

After a long Halloween weekend college night was a pretty mellow night, with a few exceptions. Enjoy the free snaps people because everyones on the top list.

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Halloween Fright Night

Nothing scary about skeletons, hope everyone's enjoying the galleries, no doubt halloween is one of my favorite holidays for snaps and being out in the clubs. Tonights Halloween photos are a combination of Funky Monk and Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails. So here is another special mega-gallery with the "TOP 30 " Halloween photos of the night, take a peep!  If you didn't make the top list, no worries, all the other photos are available for VIP Memebers, grab a membership today and gain all access to our exclusive photos to view, download, and share with firends on your social media. 

And as always, I appreciate all your support by going VIP and keeping this photog shooting all your sexy faces!! 
Thank you! 

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Halloween Weekend 2017

Photos up on a Hallo-weekend bash at Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails and across the street at the Funky Monk.  Starting off with Thursday night college night and ending on Saturday night. This gallery is a huge combination of all nights rolled out in one with over 8 pages of your photos.  So check out the latest and  this weekends "TOP 40" photos of the night!  Grab yourselves a VIP Membership to gain access to all the other exclusive photos to share with friends on social media. Enjoy!

Check it out!  Follow us at BARfriender.Official on Instagram and don't forget to tag us in your photos. Since there are over 350 photos in this gallery it might take a few moments to load on your devices.


Just Rosalie, Cuz Its Her Birthday Bash!

WOW!  Wow is all I can say, I took the night off (but still had a camera attached to the hand) to celebrate birthdays with the girls, and i'm still tryign to recoop from a Thursday night out, for realz.  No doubt the Funky Monk was the perfect host and spot to do just that- reserve your booth though and you'll be good to go. 

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The Funky Monk Relived

WOW! what a night, S/O to all the fun people out there that make my job so much easier, plus it's always great to run into familiar faces.  Another successful night to absorb this retro haute funky party bar in downtown Tucson.  Thursday nights prove to be a hit for the dressed to impress students to come out and celebrate or catch up with friends.  Get in early, grab a bottle, and reserve your table prior and you should be good to go all night.  Take a peep at tonights TOP20 photos of the night, ENJOY!

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Funky Monk Friday Fun

Finally took a stop by the Funky Monk on a Friday night, a great party crowd and atmosphere to be experienced.  Dj Dibs was on the sound and had the place packed and jumping, I think we wil definitely be seeing more of them in the future.  Take a peep at some of this nights photos!

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