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Wild Party Animals On The Loose

There was a bear, a GREAT big freaking BEAR running around Hi Fi that one night, and a squirrel ...or a beaver grinding all over that pussy cat on dance floor, Seriously! Those drinks pour strong.  Check out the latest "TOP20" photos of the night and see what im talking about. Or was it a raccoon?

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Funky Monk Friday Fun

Finally took a stop by the Funky Monk on a Friday night, a great party crowd and atmosphere to be experienced.  Dj Dibs was on the sound and had the place packed and jumping, I think we wil definitely be seeing more of them in the future.  Take a peep at some of this nights photos!

Check it out! Finally breaking into the whole IG thing, find us at #BARfriender.Official on


Just Warming Up!

Ok ok, so its the second day back shooting the clubs again after a summer break from all you rowdy ass peoples, so this weekends galleries are going to be FREE while I get my groove back enjoy!   Vist and like my FB page while your here.

Note: FREE gallery -NO VIP Memberships necessary for this set.

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