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Hi Fi And Fathers Day Weekend

A Fathers Day Weekend at HI Fi and a free gallery weekend, check out the latest set for Friday and Saturday night 06/16 & 06/17.  Enjoy!

Free Gallery!
Just sign in/register and you're good to go.

Note: All photos posted in one gallery for 06/16 & 06/17/0217, no VIP Memberships needed.  Also, these exact same photos are available for our FB fans.  Not a FB fan yet, what are you waiting for, hit "LIKE".  Thank You!


UA Dead Day Eve, Study Breaks And Free Galleries

Wow! right.... so many photos and so much crazyness in one Wednesday night.  As a special treat to all you UA college students getting ready for your finals we are going to forget about "TOP 20's" , VIP's, and Memberships for this one night out.

Meet us back at our Facebook page and give us some more "LIKES"  "Shares" &  "Tags" and you can see ALL PHOTOS OF THIS NIGHT rolled up in 4 - 5,6 ??? albums that will be released as they are ready,  just so you can make it a point to take a study break this weekend.

So go to  NOW!


Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails Grand Opening Blows Up Downtown Tucson, 2 of 2

The continuation of Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails grand opening photo galleries part 2 of 2.  Also check out and "Like " our Facebook page for the top pics, FREE! and don't miss our Famous Faces on Wednesday in the Az Weekly Magazine Phoenix / Tucson edition.

Check it out!  Finally breaking into the whole IG thing, follow us at BARfriender.Official on Instagram. Don't forget to tag your photos #BARfriender.Official
Since there are over 100 photos in this gallery, it may take a few moments to fully load on your devices. 

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