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Halloween Fright Night

Nothing scary about skeletons, hope everyone's enjoying the galleries, no doubt halloween is one of my favorite holidays for snaps and being out in the clubs. Tonights Halloween photos are a combination of Funky Monk and Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails. So here is another special mega-gallery with the "TOP 30 " Halloween photos of the night, take a peep!  If you didn't make the top list, no worries, all the other photos are available for VIP Memebers, grab a membership today and gain all access to our exclusive photos to view, download, and share with firends on your social media. 

And as always, I appreciate all your support by going VIP and keeping this photog shooting all your sexy faces!! 
Thank you! 

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Halloween Weekend 2017

Photos up on a Hallo-weekend bash at Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails and across the street at the Funky Monk.  Starting off with Thursday night college night and ending on Saturday night. This gallery is a huge combination of all nights rolled out in one with over 8 pages of your photos.  So check out the latest and  this weekends "TOP 40" photos of the night!  Grab yourselves a VIP Membership to gain access to all the other exclusive photos to share with friends on social media. Enjoy!

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Wild Party Animals On The Loose

There was a bear, a GREAT big freaking BEAR running around Hi Fi that one night, and a squirrel ...or a beaver grinding all over that pussy cat on dance floor, Seriously! Those drinks pour strong.  Check out the latest "TOP20" photos of the night and see what im talking about. Or was it a raccoon?

Check it out!  Finally breaking into the whole IG thing, you can follow us at BARfriender.Official on Instagram.


Just Warming Up!

Ok ok, so its the second day back shooting the clubs again after a summer break from all you rowdy ass peoples, so this weekends galleries are going to be FREE while I get my groove back enjoy!   Vist and like my FB page while your here.

Note: FREE gallery -NO VIP Memberships necessary for this set.


Get The Weekend Started!

Jump on the C.L.I.T.T.  and make your way to Hi Fi in downtown Tucson.  Avoid the long lines and get in early, grab a few friends and get yourself some bottle service and kick back at your own table. Check out the latest TOP 20 photos of the night.  There's more! Grab a VIP Membership and gain an all access pass to view and download more exclusive photos.

Note: Since there are over 100 photos in this gallery, it may take a few moments to fully load on your devices. 


Bottles A Poppin

Thursday night at Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails unleashes the college night takeover, bring your ppls, friends, squad, team, gang, pack, herd,  tribe, pride, school, army, company, swarm, smack, horde or whatever you flock to over here- cause  bottles are cheap and the bubbly is oh- so- good! 


Wasted Grain Grand Opening with DJ Amie Rose

Downtown Tucson just got a little bit rowdier, Wasted Grain took over the once World of Beers spot right on the corner where Congress and 4th ave join, right across the street of Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails.  Special guest Dj Amie Rose took over the decks and entertained a welcoming crowd. Take a peep at this nights snaps!  

All pics posted no VIP Memberships Necessary for this set


Look Who's Back Shooting Again

It's been forever since this photog hit the streets and the clubs after that broken wrist incident this summer.  While it was great to be shooting again at Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails on a Saturday night, I have to admit I was a bit off my game trying to maneuver my camera, it's like I needed instructions or a refresher course on how to use the dang thing, and don't get me started on post processing, that took forever.  Hopefully, it won't take long to get my groove back so all pictures will be RockStar again.

Meanwhile, all photos are posted so VIP Memberships are NOT necessary for this gallery- ENJOY!


Hi Fi Kitchen & Cocktails Grand Opening Blows Up Downtown Tucson, 1 of 2

BAM! and it was open. The newest restaurant in the linup for EEG (Evening Entertainment Group) who is well known for Old Town's Scottsdales nightlife scene ventures into downtown Tucson with their Hi-Fi Kitchen & Cocktails concepts, so a few pictures were taken of a few locals welcoming them to the neighborhood at their grand opening Thursday night.  Actually, there was a mob of people and a ton of crazy insane photos, if you were there you know what I mean, so we're going to split up these galleries in 2 so hopefully it will load easier on your mobile devices, please give it a few moments to do so.  Only Vip Members get all access to pics so join today.
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Check it out!  Finally breaking into the whole IG thing, follow us at BARfriender.Official on Instagram. Don't forget to tag your photos #BARfriender.Official
Since there are over 100 photos in this gallery, it may take a few moments to fully load on your devices. 

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