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Double Trouble Weekend

Two nights (Friday and Saturday) wrapped into one gallery at the Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails.  Take a step back to the weekend and see if you and your friends made the "TOP20" photos of the night, check it out!  VIP Memberships available- get all your snaps to share with social media friends and fans.

Check it out!  Finally breaking into the whole IG thing, you can follow us at BARfriender.Official on Instagram. Don't forget to tag us in your photos! 


Ostermeyer Bday Bash

A big birthday bash and going away party for one of Hi Fi's own bartenders,  a very nervous night for Ty as his guests drinks were running low and dry early in the night, what almost became a receipe for disaster for such an occasion, in the mist of the fog and confetti filled room a big surprise by his parentals who pushed their way through the crowded dancefloor with bottle in hand escorted by the Hi Fi Dolls to join the celebration and saved the night.

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