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Just Warming Up [pt. 2]

The continuation of the FREE gallery weekend at te HiF Fi, and it's safe to say I got my groove back and ready for another season of nightlife, so join me out and online and take a peep of Saturday night.  

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Just Warming Up!

Ok ok, so its the second day back shooting the clubs again after a summer break from all you rowdy ass peoples, so this weekends galleries are going to be FREE while I get my groove back ..so enjoy!   Vist and like my FB page while your here.

Note: FREE gallery -NO VIP Memberships necessary for this set.

Coyote Ugly Gets Down And Wet [TBT]

Take a journey back to 2007 on Beal Street at the famous Coyote Ugly in Memphis, TN with some rowdy ass bartenders to pour your poison and entertain.  There was two steppin, country shuffeling, body shots, air guitar, girl on girl water fights, spankings, drunk bachlorettes, a special delivery truck from the home depot, and an Elvis covered with bras, why IDK, but it happend on one of those random road trips that you barley remember, but this is just a normal night out at Coyote Ugly and not to mention it was super fun and definitely lives up to its rep.

Note: Throw Back Thursday 

Hi Fi And Fathers Day Weekend

A Fathers Day Weekend at HI Fi and a free gallery weekend, check out the latest set for Friday and Saturday night 06/16 & 06/17.  Enjoy!

Note: All photos posted in one gallery for 06/16 & 06/17/0217, no VIP Memberships needed.  Also, these exact same photos are available for our FB fans.  Not a FB fan yet, what are you waiting for, hit "LIKE".  Thank You!

A Non Stop Party

Saturday night and a special guest Dj sets the place on fire, MCB of Scottsdale takes over the show at Hi FI downtown Tucson.  He's no stranger to the scene as he has been an original EEG DJ since way back in the Axis Radius days in Scottsdale.  If you've been up in that club party scene I'm sure you know the name as well.  It was definitely a great night to be out celebrating or dancing the night away, S/O  to all the cool new people I met and old friends to bring you the latest "TOP 20" photos of the night.  See you next time! Be sure to catch up with the Hi Fi Dolls and Crew on our Facebook page.

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Miss Behavin On A Saturday Night

Girls night out and plenty of them stirring up mixed drinks and oh so much trouble on a Saturday Night Riot with Dj Dibs at Hi Fi- Check out the latest Top 20 pics and see you next time! 

Note: Since there are over 50 photos in this gallery, it may take a few moments to fully load on your devices. 

Memorial Day Weekend, DJ Dibs, And Confetti Galore

Another great weekend at Hi Fi celebrating Memorial Day Weekend with Dj Dibs on the sound.


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Andrews Party

New Feature:  If you gotta table on reserve, gotta party squad on point, gotta lotta champagne bottles poppin and need some paparazzi action-  if you see me rollin, snappin pics, wave me over, tip ridiculously, and you'll get your own gallery featured on "Guestlist"! 
Package includes: 10 min.,  20-40 photos, and your own custom public URL here on "Guestlist" for easy viewing and downloading access. FOR REAL!

Let The Graduation Celebrations Begin

Moms, dads, and UA Grads get the party started at Hi Fi Kitchen and Cocktails on Thursday night college night.  WOW, what a great night with a great crowd, you guys ROCK!  Here's to the UA Class of 2017, Cheers!  Enjoy another free gallery for all BARfriender fans, these photos will also be posted on our facebook page, check it out, tag, like, and share with your friends.

Note: All photos posted, No VIP Memberships required.  Since there are over 100 photos in this gallery, it may take a few moments to fully load on your devices.